Votox Alphabet Chart

Votox Ex. Votox Ex. Votox Ex.
a Copper, wander O Blue, pool aE White, sigh
A Black, after P Pink, upper aO Brown, mouse
b Blue, slab Q Quick, quilt (alt for 'K') eE Play, rain
C! Chair, catch r Red, car eUr Fair, beware
d Red, candor r! (same as 'r', but rolled) eE Grey, slate
e Red, steady S Silver, lace oE Oil, boy
E Green, ski S! Flesh, nation oO Yellow, ocean
F File, enough t! The, nether
g Green, leg T White, true
H Hat, ahead T! Theme, sloth
i Index, finger u Money, rough
j Orange, fidget U Put, could
K Black, coal v Olive, avert
l Blue, less w Wait, awash
m Money, hammer X Fix, excess
n Green, snug y Yellow, yonder
o Opal, stove z Zero, azure

Votox language for use with the EastWest Symphonic Choirs Wordbuilder tool.
Made by Chris Alpiar with data from the Wordbuilder help forums